Monday, October 29, 2007

Week9_Final Idea_the Bamboo Ultimatum

The Bamboo Ultimatum
- Bamboo is nature's most renewable resource
- Bamboo is allergy free, environmentally friendly and repels termites
- Bamboo is rapidly renewable resource
- Bamboo is naturally resistant to scuffs, stains, heat, water and termites
- Bamboo is highest quality products with the lowest environmental impact.
- Bamboo is sharing renewable resources with the world.
- Bamboo provides a highly competitive commercial product.


Sustainability Definition – What is sustainability

Short definition:
- Process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely.

CO2 emissions from every day living, an average person projects about 7 tonnes of CO2 per year.

- CO2 is a byproduct of energy use,
- This byproduct is a major contributor of Global Warming and Climate Change.
- What we do today affects tomorrow

Some figures:

What are some ways to counter act CO2 production?
Some examples:

- Conservation → use less energy -→ efficiency
- Find alternatives for renewable resources that use none or less CO2 producing products and or services.
- Promote CO2 ridding environments. (What gets rid of CO2?)

Another great way to diminish CO2 production: (other than conservation)
- Stop cutting down trees. (refer to the picture above) they absorb CO2.
- How? Find tree alternatives or renewable trees that are economical
- What alternatives are there to trees? We need trees for wood right?

The Bamboo Ultimatum:

USE BAMBOO PRODUCTS! Bamboo is a naturally beautiful and durable alternative to the world’s limited supply of hardwood.

- Bamboo is an excellent renewable resource which can be harvested every 5 years. As a result, no forests are destroyed to make bamboo products i.e. flooring, ceiling systems, furniture board, furnishings etc.

- Like most other grasses, bamboo has strong resistance to diseases, insects and climatic injuries. Growing bamboo also requires minimal labour effort.
- Bamboo is a natural organic substance that has many flexible uses:
Products that are available that are made of Bamboo are:
For example:
Kitchen utensils, hardwood flooring, clothe, paper products, and many industrial applications in building.

What do we need to get people to use more Bamboo?

- We need to, or we must promote the use of Bamboo products!

What is the Bamboo Ultimatum:

More bamboo use = less trees cut down = more CO2 cleaned from the air = better environment + more alternative products that are renewable and CO2 friendly.


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