Saturday, October 27, 2007

Week 7_Midterm Presentation

Why have an EcoParty?
Everyone loves to go to parties…

We can increase people’s awareness of the environment at the same time by:

Using reusable products and items when possible
Using organic materials
Using organic foods

Concept and purpose

Entertainment + Food + Eco friendly

Our project goal is to enhance people’s relationships by providing services that use environment friendly items and foods for the party

Our project goals:
We are to provide the service for the party as well as setting the mood of the party
We are responsible for the people’s feelings
We help them from start to finish
We are not selling our product but we engrave our service in them

Diagram of Product Services System

Benefits to customer

Cost of services

Price is comparable to purchasing disposable dining ware.

Hassle free clean-up
Easily indicated trash/recycling containers are delivered with
the rest of the materials and products for the party.

Easy pick-up and delivery service
EcoParty brings organized materials to the customer’s door and
retrieves them upon request.

Unique designer products (eco-friendly)
Customized dining ware adds sophistication and appeal to
the party atmosphere.

Benefits to caterers/restaurants

Cost of Services
Using party consultants is cost efficient.

Relieves Delivery Responsibilities
EcoParty coordinates with caterer to consolidate delivery loads.

Relieves Equipment Responsibilities
Restaurant / Caterer does not have to purchase additional equipment
to accommodate the customer.

Ecological benefits

Difficult to estimate:
Very high energy cost of commercial-grade dishwashing
Transport for pickup and delivery

Low energy-intensity dishwashing
Bleach-based disinfecting
Air dry

Integrate transport with other deliveries

Even so, very difficult to make the sustainability case…

Market research
15,207 bus. In NY with more than $ 10bn sales, 7% of US total
Allow easy expansion into higher-end catering

Catering services
818 bus. In NY with $800m sales, 10% of US total
Allow focus on food
“Green” branding opportunity, compatible with local / organic principles

End users
Freedom to choose preferred food supplier
“Surge capacity” for large numbers of guests, reduced cleanup effort

Economic Analysis

Key challenge: Disposables are extremely cheap!
Disposables cost $0.45 per setting / person
Premium party rental services cost $ 4.50 + per setting / person
Cost of re-use alone is about $0.80 per setting
(transport + washing)
Selling point must be style / green, not price
Glasses / dishes not key profit area, but necessary
Restaurant grade dishwashers are 5x more expensive than consumer grade, but 30x faster(and cheaper to run)
Can outperform residential dishwasher, but not disposables

Economic Analysis
Must maximize efficiency
Exclusively EnergyStar +
Wash-in trays
Combine delivery and pickup with other services
Mark clean / dirty racks
Reduce excess use- individualized dinnerware?

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