Saturday, October 27, 2007

Week 6_Midterm Idea

Team: Gian Pablo, Graffin Frazen, Youjeong Paik

Concept: ecoParty_project / Entertainment(Party) + Food + Eco friendly

Questions about our project_ EcoParty

1. What kind of party do we have?
2. What is our purpose of the party project or party itself?
3. What kind of services do we have or need?
Catering service / hostess / chef / party decoration / detail / gift / eco practice /
(No disposal stuff at all!!) Donate some product after finishing party / gift / custom-made gift or plate for the expression of respect their relationships / small touching! / etc
4. What kind of people in there? (target research and marketing)
from children to adult / from birthday party to business party )
5. How many people in there(how big)
6. What is different from other similar service?
7. What are the most important things in our service?
8. What is our project related to the eco friendly or what percent of the project related to environment friendly?
9. How can we keep “fresh” things both foods and feelings?
10. What is next step after successful our PSS in Party?
11. What is more valuable than the profit?
12. What can we get our profit instead of money?
13. How this simple and small idea change(impact/ affect) something(majority/ public / by word of mouth)? What is the synergy by giving this top of the service to them?
14. What is other product(like home appliances, refregirator/ wine cooler for keeping food fresh) related to?
15. What is R/R/R(Reduction, Reuse, Recycle) in our project, ecoParty?
16. What happens to stuff after its system life is over?
17. What can we do as business leaders as far as advocacy?
18. What can we do as far as education?(LEEP?)


Life span
Power consumption
Specifications of equipment
System behavior

Guest characteristics:
1. they got invited certain party like a birthday party,
2. they spend kind of money to dress up for the party(taking a shower, hair, make-up, dress, some gift, nail to be looked good so that it can help their party mood)
3. they spend their precious time for the party
4. they should not disappoint in the party
5. they want to share special moment in the party

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